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Ladycona is a world of strong, ambitious and inspiring women who help each other to make progress personally and professionally.
Ladycona platform informs, entertains, connects and inspires.
We are supporting girls and women who are chasing dreams and we challenge and stimulate young generations to think big.


“You can’t be what you can’t see”. This is why Ladycona was established.
Ladycona is a platform that makes easy for girls around the world to have access to real revolutionary new Female Role Models. Ladycona proves that there are hundreds of amazing women that might not be on TV or on fashion magazines but they should be the real examples to follow for young generations.
Every girl and woman should feel free to dream big and choose whatever she wants in her life, free from any social stereotypes and constrain.
I am a young chemical engineer, working in the oil and gas sector, and I can assure that stereotypes are still strong and if we do not get rid of them, they will limit the aspirations and the potential of a lot of women, in particular of those who choose certain professions, which are traditionally considered “male professions”.
In Ladycona we believe that “Every job is a woman job”.


Ladycona is the Lady 4.0.
Ladycona is an ambitious, strong, curios and inspiring woman, successful in her professional career as well as in her private and social life.
Ladycona is an example to follow. Ladycona cares about her mental and physical health as well as her job and career. Ladycona is a strong and independent woman that would not wait for the “rich man” to fulfill her dreams. She is the “rich man”.


Ladycona has the ambitious goal to create a new woman Icona for young generations and to wreak gender stereotypes.
We will feel satisfied when at the question “If I say Aerospace Engineer who comes to your mind? The answer would be “A beautiful extraordinary intelligent woman, a Ladycona”.

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